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Re-ignite your pension communications

Communicating Auto Enrolment provides a great opportunity to spark new interest in an existing pension scheme and an employer's overall benefits strategy.

It gives employers the chance to re-launch their company pension scheme to current employees who are not yet members (but who will be enrolled automatically into the scheme) and to prospective employees. It also provides a useful opportunity for employers and trustees to remind existing members what an important benefit their company pension scheme represents.

By explaining the attractions of their own pension scheme in comparison with standard Auto Enrolment terms, employers can also take the opportunity to provide a rationale for their benefits culture and use it as an aid to recruitment, retention and motivation.

Rubicon can help you ensure your pension arrangement meets the latest communication best practice in relation to Auto Enrolment and advise on which audiences to communicate with, the most appropriate timing and how best to get your message across.

Remember, one size does not fit all!


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