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Thousands of poorest pensioners will lose out, government reveals

Pensioners with partners of working age will no longer be able to claim pension credit. (Source: Guardian online 28.2.2019)

Pensions: Tougher jail terms for mismanaging funds

Company bosses could face up to seven years in prison if they mismanage employee pension schemes, says Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd. (Source: BBC online 10.2.2019)

Taxpayers face £4bn annual pension bill after court ruling

Judges and firefighters win age discrimination case that will raise public sector pensions (Source: Guardian online 30.1.2019)

Pension scams: some victims have lost more than £1m to fraudsters

As more over-55s are targeted, regulators say average amount swindled in 2017 was £91,000 (Source: Guardian online 28.1.2019)

BT loses appeal to change method of pensions calculation

Bid to use consumer price index for future payments could have cost members £2bn (Source: Guardian online 4.12.2018)

Want to enjoy a longer, happier life? Just keep on working

Life expectancy is rising but Britons are being encouraged to retire early. That’s both ridiculous and costly, says an expert (Source: Guardian online 18.11.2018)

Rise in women’s state pension age prompts poverty concerns

Accelerated timetable for achieving parity has hit women hard, say campaigners (Source: Guardian online 6.11.2018)

Pensions: could you claim part of a £19bn cash mountain?

Locating lost pension cash is often a lot easier than you might think. Photograph: Alamy (Source: Guardian online 20.10.2018)

‘Life keeps evolving’: six ways to have a happy retirement

It can be the best time of your life – here’s how. (Source: Guardian online 6.10.2018)

Steel pensioners ‘still fighting’ despite campaign win

Former steelworkers whose pension fight led to a law change to protect people's retirement funds say they are being “robbed” of their own benefits. (Source: BBC online 16.9.2018)

British Airways discharges £4.4bn in pension liabilities

Legal & General takes over responsibilities for 22,000 pensioners as airline tries to protect itself from higher costs in future (Source: Guardian online 13.9.2018)

Why are councils investing in the fracking industry they oppose?

Local authorities should be investing in a greener future – not using pensions to fund the very companies they are battling. (Source: Guardian online 4.9.2018)

Tax relief on pensions serves to enrich the wealthy. That must change

Chancellors have fought shy of reforming a system in which higher-rate taxpayers benefit most. But £10bn could be saved. (Source: Guardian online 1.9.2018)

Pensions: don’t cash out of defined benefits, warns regulator

Funds offering big buyouts risk their stability while departing members face uncertain income. (Source: Guardian online 29.8.2018)

Crackdown to safeguard pensions when firms go bust

Bosses could be fined if they fail to perform legal duties and honour their workers’ rights. (Source: Guardian online 26.8.2018)

BBC pension fund has stakes in Amazon, Netflix and Facebook

Scheme dependent on US tech giants’ success as corporation loses viewers to new platforms. (Source: Guardian online 25.8.2018)

Pension opt-outs have not jumped since auto-enrolment rate rise

Analysis suggests those on low salaries have been able to pay increased contribution. (Source: Guardian online 24.8.2018)

What’s the deal for your personal finances if there’s a no-deal Brexit?

Amid warnings of dire consequences, here’s how to cope if it does become a reality. (Source: Guardian online 20.8.2018)

Young workers ‘aware of pension reality’

Young workers are pessimistic about their retirement prospects but are keen to make preparations to make the most of the situation, a report indicates. (Source: BBC online 20.8.2018)

UK regulators launch ad campaign to warn against pension scams

Raising awareness of fraudster tactics comes as figures show victims lose average of £91,000. (Source: Guardian online 14.8.2018)

Council pension funds are major investors in tobacco companies

Anti-smoking groups dismiss claims by local authorities that they can’t sell stocks. (Source: Guardian online 13.8.2018)

Pension firms profit from slowdown in life expectancy growth

Britain’s pension providers are enjoying a £1bn bonanza from the worsening outlook for life expectancy, as they book large profits from people who are dying unexpectedly early. (Source: Guardian online 9.8.2018)

Beware: forgoing child benefit could cost you your state pension

The link between National Insurance credits and child benefit is poorly understood by the public,’ says Nicky Morgan, chair of the Treasury committee. [Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA] (Source: Guardian online 28.7.2018)

BT blames human error as it reveals £500m pension deficit gaffe

BT has revealed another accounting error after its pension deficit was underestimated by £500m. (Source: Guardian online 27.7.2018)

We should follow Royal Mail in delivering fairer pensions for all

Here’s a solution that splits the difference between cushy final salary and shares-based pensions. (Source: Guardian online 21.7.2018)

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