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Should UK pensioners be forced to pay the bill for coronavirus?

The ‘triple lock’ on the state pension is under threat – but there may be fairer ways to raise revenue. (Source: Guardian online 22.5.2020)

It shouldn’t be pensioners who have to pay for this crisis

Jeremy Cushing, Dr Michael Griffiths and Ian Watson sound warnings over a thinktank’s call to ditch the triple lock on pensions, but Mike Pender is in favour of it. Meanwhile, Malcolm Pugh says raising tax on unearned income makes more sense. (Source: Guardian online 16.4.2020)

LGIM to launch its first fossil fuel-free pension fund after pressure

UK’s biggest fund manager had been criticised over inclusion of stocks such as Shell. (Source: Guardian online 15.3.2020)

How will the stock market fall affect my personal finances?

The coronavirus outbreak has caused panic. We look at how it will impact your pension, savings and investments. (Source: Guardian online 9.3.2020)

Black Monday: Shares face biggest fall since financial crisis

Shares around the world are facing their worst day since the financial crisis with the dramatic falls leading to the day being dubbed "Black Monday". (Source: BBC online 9.3.2020)

Flybe pensions at risk for 1,350 workers and ex-staff

Pension scheme based in Isle of Man sits outside jurisdiction of UK lifeboat scheme and not protected. (Source: Guardian online 6.3.2020)

UK pension funds lose 5% of their value in coronavirus scare

People about to retire will be hardest hit by week of turmoil in world’s stock markets. (Source: Guardian online 3.3.2020)

Why should I care if share prices fall?

Big shifts in the stock market are often in the news, whether they are booms in the US or falls due to the coronavirus or the financial crisis. (Source: BBC online 3.3.2020)

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