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Interactive PDFs

Interactive PDFs have a number of useful features that can extend your communication options.

Interactive PDFs feature clickable menu links for navigation, plus live web and email links to any internet destination. Videos can be embedded in the PDF – useful for educational or training purposes.

As stand-alone files, they can be hosted on a company intranet without conflict for the hosting servers. The ability to download the files means they can be read and referred to at leisure, which can be useful for content-heavy documents.

Readability is assured with cross-platform support – a genuinely useful extension to the array of communication options available.

The instant the file is hosted on a server it is available as a link for download. This allows for up-to-the-minute publication – cutting both the time and the cost!

Interactive PDFs: well worth considering as an alternative publishing option

Download the example interactive PDF and see how it works

Please note: For all Interactive PDF functions to work efficiently, please download the file and view in Acrobat Reader (or iBooks on the iPad) rather than viewing in a browser.


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