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Steel pensioners ‘still fighting’ despite campaign win

Former steelworkers whose pension fight led to a law change to protect people's retirement funds say they are being “robbed” of their own benefits. (Source: BBC online 16.9.2018)

British Airways discharges £4.4bn in pension liabilities

Legal & General takes over responsibilities for 22,000 pensioners as airline tries to protect itself from higher costs in future (Source: Guardian online 13.9.2018)

Why are councils investing in the fracking industry they oppose?

Local authorities should be investing in a greener future – not using pensions to fund the very companies they are battling. (Source: Guardian online 4.9.2018)

Tax relief on pensions serves to enrich the wealthy. That must change

Chancellors have fought shy of reforming a system in which higher-rate taxpayers benefit most. But £10bn could be saved. (Source: Guardian online 1.9.2018)

Pensions: don’t cash out of defined benefits, warns regulator

Funds offering big buyouts risk their stability while departing members face uncertain income. (Source: Guardian online 29.8.2018)

Crackdown to safeguard pensions when firms go bust

Bosses could be fined if they fail to perform legal duties and honour their workers’ rights. (Source: Guardian online 26.8.2018)

BBC pension fund has stakes in Amazon, Netflix and Facebook

Scheme dependent on US tech giants’ success as corporation loses viewers to new platforms. (Source: Guardian online 25.8.2018)

Pension opt-outs have not jumped since auto-enrolment rate rise

Analysis suggests those on low salaries have been able to pay increased contribution. (Source: Guardian online 24.8.2018)

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