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It’s time for Britain’s millionaire pensioners to pay up

The retired are having a great time at the expense of young families thanks to generous pensions and property wealth. (Source: Guardian online)

Equitable Life to shut down with surprise £1.8bn policyholder windfall

Scandal-hit pension company to pay out £6,900 to each of 261,000 existing customers, but 800,000 former policyholders will receive nothing. (Source: Guardian online)

Women face 'glaring' gender pension gap

Women are facing a "glaring" gender pension gap owing to career breaks to raise children and lower pay, an investment company has said. (Source: BBC online)

In 2010 we stopped getting any older. The implications are huge

Maybe we should be thinking about cancelling increases in the state pension age, not raising it. (Source: Guardian online)

Transgender woman wins pension court battle

A transgender woman who was unable to access her pension, was discriminated against because of her sex, the European Court of Justice has found. (Source: BBC online)

UK pension funds get green light to dump fossil fuel investments

Government directive means trustees will be able to push harder for green investments. (Source: Guardian online)

Public sector pension funds put millions in tax haven-linked PFIs

Public sector pension funds have invested hundreds of millions of pounds in Scottish private finance schemes linked to offshore tax havens, a new report has found. (Source: Guardian online)

Is this the end of the great 'gold plated' pension cash-in?

The number of retirees cashing in their "gold-plated" pensions has slowed dramatically amid fears that savers are being given bad financial advice. (Source: Telegraph online)

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